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Google Advertising/ Facebook Advertising


Our client Oasis Pools and Spa is a pool construction company that benefited greatly from our pool company marketing strategies. On this case study page, we go into details of a successful digital marketing project for a pool construction company with our studio. The client engaged our services to develop and implement targeted Google and Facebook campaigns.

Our digital marketing strategy for pool builders and pool companies delivered outstanding results. With a 10% conversion rate and an average click-through rate of 6%, we generated over 4,000 monthly impressions on Google and 20,000 on Facebook. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach, which consistently delivers impressive outcomes on a monthly basis. Our results can be scaled to meet client demands for increased or decreased performance.

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Our campaigns generated impressive results for Oasis Pools and Spa. These results are from 2 months of Google Advertising and 1 month of Facebook Advertising. With an ad spend of $1800, we were able to generate 66 leads for Oasis Pools and Spa sales team.

With an 8% conversion rate from their sales team, this translates to 12 out of the 66 leads we generated resulting in a signed new pool construction contract. The average pool value in Miami which is where Oasis Pools is located, is around $30,000, making this a $360,000 deal for them at the cost of only $1800 on ads.

Our clients are definitely pleased with their results and we have been working ever since.

Our approach

We created a digital marketing strategy for Oasis Pools and Spa, which included Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising to generate leads for their services. We began by designing ad campaigns that targeted homeowners interested in pool and spa services, specifically those located in Oasis Pools and Spa’s service area, Miami in this case.

Using Facebook’s and Instagram’s targeting tools, we selected demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, and behaviors that we collected from their Google Analytics and Google Ads campaigns. In addition, we used retargeting campaigns to engage people who had previously visited Oasis Pools and Spa’s website.

We used various ad formats, including image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Our focus was on creating visually appealing ads that highlighted Oasis Pools and Spa’s unique selling points, such as their expertise in the field, high-quality fiberglass pool construction, and outstanding customer service.

We also created 2 landing pages for testing. Both were optimized for conversions to support the lead ads. The landing pages had a clear call-to-action (CTA) and a lead form that captured the prospects’ contact information, such as name, email, and phone number. Oasis Pools sales team was in charge of converting the lead.

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