How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 2022

If you have an online business, this article by JaviWebs will help you set up an online Facebook business page. This is crucial for every business because it makes it easier for people to discover and interact with your brand on social media platforms. 

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Importance of having a Facebook business page

Are you opening a new business? Then it is most likely you will need a Facebook business page if you are planning to connect with your audience through social media and also if you plan to run ads at some point. We have good news for you, creating the account for your business is pretty easy to do and chances are your already meet the requirements to get started. Follow along with the steps below!

How to create a Facebook business page from your desktop computer

1- Open your Profile

Let’s note before you create a Facebook business page, you will need a personal profile first. If you don’t have one yet, follow this Facebook tutorial on how to create one. 

2- At the top of the profile click on the pages icon and click on Create a new page

create facebook page step 1

3- Add a name to your page (tip: add your real company name, don't try to get creative with keywords or anything else)

create facebook page step 2

4- Add the category for your business. You can add up to 3 categories

create facebook page step 3

5-Add a Description of your business services and operations

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6- Now you are ready to create your Facebook business page. Click the create page at the bottom of the page and you are ready to start adding your logo, cover image, and posts.

What is a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Page is a public Facebook account used by organizations, small businesses, artists, and public figures. Usually used to create communities for businesses to share contact information, company updates, offers, and promote events or services. Think of a Facebook page as a directory where your business can be found by over 2.936 billion monthly active users. As reported by DATARPOETAL

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