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Rating 4.5/5

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This comprehensive review has been crafted by one of our adept web developers who is an integral part of our skilled team. Motivated by the opportunity presented through a free trial generously provided by the Elementor Cloud Hosting team, we embarked on a thorough exploration of the various features this hosting solution had to offer. We aimed to provide a sincere and transparent assessment, utilizing our expertise to gauge the software’s performance and functionality.

Amidst our evaluation, we couldn’t help but appreciate the wealth of valuable resources available, ranging from insightful blogs to informative videos, which shed light on the myriad capabilities of Elementor. These supplementary materials not only heightened our anticipation but also served as valuable guides as we delved into the intricacies of the software.

Our team approached the review with a commitment to offering a personal perspective, ensuring that our insights are not only informed by technical proficiency but also grounded in the practicalities of web development. Elementor’s interface, feature set, and overall user experience became focal points of our assessment, allowing us to provide nuanced feedback on its strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Most liked features about Elemtor Cloud

Long story short, we loved the cloud hosting. It simplifies everything when it comes to creating and managing your WordPress website and using Elementor. Don’t need to worry about licenses, installations, etc. It saves a lot of time in the initial development and configuration phase. I don’t need 10 tabs open anymore, just a single dashboard to manage backups, emails, domains, and staging sites. You have plenty of storage and server resources to host your website and make it load fast. Most of the pre-configuration that I always do was already done for me so that’s a nice plus.

Dashboard and most liked features of Elementor Cloud Hosting

Right from your Elementor dashboard, you get a one-place stop to manage your website and server. You get access to your pages, domain, subdomains, backups, staging sites, and Elementor Support. 

The UI is super intuitive and easy to access for any user. Since on the free plan, I could not test features for editing DNS records. Something that differs is that the dashboard is mobile friendly, not that you are supposed to manage it from your phone, but maybe you need to do something quickly, and if you do not have your laptop with you, login from your phone and viola you are managing your cloud-hosted website from a mobile device.
Elementor Websites dashboard

Editing your website with Elementor Cloud

At first, it was a little difficult to get used to the UI, but it is pretty simple once you know where everything is. I was worried I would not be able to add any extra plugins or custom codes since I did not see the “Exit to WordPress Tab”, I would recommend making it more intuitive so new users can find the dashboards easily. Maybe adding the WordPress logo by the Elementor Logo.

It is very easy to create pages on the go and start editing right away, it eliminates the extra clicks to create a new page, edit with Elementor, and so on. The Hello Theme pre-installed. You can also jump to pages or post that are built on your site right from the editor. Creating pages is now faster than ever with these new features in Elementor Cloud

Most Liked features

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Who is it for and when to use Elementor Cloud Hosting

Elementor Cloud emerges as an excellent choice for a variety of websites, particularly those that fall under the category of “straightforward” in nature. In our exploration of this hosting solution, we discovered that it shines particularly bright when applied to websites featuring static pages dedicated to showcasing services and complemented by a blog for disseminating pertinent content.

In the realm of straightforward websites, where the primary goal is to present information clearly and effectively, Elementor Cloud demonstrates its prowess. Our experience with the platform led us to the conclusion that it stands out as a robust option for websites with static pages designed to advertise services. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools provided by Elementor make the process of creating and managing such pages a seamless and efficient endeavor.

I also think it’s a great option for business brochure sites like:

Conclusion and Review of Elementor Cloud hosting

Rating 4.5/5

I was impressed when trying out the Elementor hosting, it is so much more than what communities have been talking about. I see a great future here for web designers and developers who use Elementor as a page builder. Now we can build websites without worrying about super techy managment options and settings for optimization.

Elementor Cloud Hosting makes complete sense, from what I could experience with the free trial. It is a great option and an affordable one to host your website there. You get one platform that requires minimum management and attention on your part since you don’t have to worry about hosting and all of the configurations that come with it.

I noticed faster page loading times inside the editor when compared to my other websites. I even added some animations and it loaded similar, sometimes faster, to pages with no animations at all.

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