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Redesigning a plant nursery website

Bamboo Hammock Nursery

Ornamental Plant Nursery
Bamboo Hammock Nursery is a plant nursery located in the Redlands, Miami. They offer their services to other businesses like plant brokers, gardening centers, and landscapers. They have been in business for over 35 years, being one of the leaders in the industry and providing high-quality ornamental plants. Their mission is to be the leading provider of exceptional plant life and trees.
Project Information

Client's Purpose

The Goal

The client’s goal was to have a very simple and modern online presence that would bring them more customers to their business, the client wanted to redesign their old website. Our mission was to make it happen! The idea from our web development team was to create a kind of interactive website with some entrance animation to give it some life and keep the customer intrigued and scrolling through the page.

Delivering the project


The result was an amazing website that met all of their qualifications and requirements, simple, straightforward, and modern. The website is responsive and adaptable to all screen sizes and devices, very important since the majority of searches are made using a mobile device. After implementing SEO on the website just after 2 weeks their business is already getting impressions and ranking on Google. Also, we made security enhancements so it is safe for them and their visitors. Client Review: "Very professional, good work, and exactly what we wanted".

A simple and straight to the point about page


A mobile-friendly and responsive about page. We created a very minimal about page following clients' requirements. This page talks a little about the client and their goals and achievements in the industry. Then you will find a section with their contact details and information for inquiries.

Gallery pages for every plant they grow


The client grows over 300 varieties of plants and trees, so we needed to create a gallery to show it. There are over 8 pages of gallery all with a different type of plant and all of its varieties. The variations are included right on the second section of the home and the main gallery page that way their customers can see firsthand what they need and all of the plants Bamboo Hammocks grows.


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