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Launching a website for a turf contractor

Beautiful Turf

Miami Turf Contractors
Beautiful Turf of South Florida is a Turf Specialist Company. Beautiful Turf specializes in any type of synthetic grass installations like patio and driveways strips, ivy walls, custom putting green, and others.
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Project Information

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The Goal

This website displays a wide variety of synthetic grass products and artificial turfs that they have to offer. The website is fully responsive for any device and screen size. Products and galleries are all displayed through dynamic content to make the load time shorter and serve as a nice experience for visitors.
Beautiful Turf

Delivering the project


This website resulted in a beautiful creation with attention to detail and having the user in mind. Everything is created to facilitate the user experience through the website. The website is fit for any audience, computer savvy or not. The client was very satisfied with the end result as it displays everything that he needed and wanted on his website.

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Store front page with detailed description


If you are looking for a specific synthetic grass beautiful turf got you here. They have over 18 different products to offer. The products are displayed in a dynamic way, only one format is created and then adopted by every single one of the products.

Product detail page


If you are curious about what differences between each product, just click the learn more. We have created a dynamic section for each product that displays how efficient and every single characteristic of the specific product you liked. And there is more, if you would like to see it offline or send it to someone else, we have a downloadable file with more characteristics and item specifics. Making the experience easier for the visitor

Pet Artificial Turf - Beautiful Turf
Synthetic Grass Products And Turf - Beautiful Turf


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