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Flowtech Pool

Miami Swimming Pool Contractor
Flowtech Pool is one of the best pool builders all around South Florida. They have done some exceptional work so the client got an exceptional website. They have been in the industry for a couple of years and yet have managed to finish over 30 projects already.
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Project Information

Client's Purpose

The Goal

The goal was to create a simple website for a pool contractor to display all of their projects and contact information. The website has some custom features as well as another “design your pool” application. Static content is delivered fast and quickly to visitors and load speeds are fast for the dynamic content.

Delivering the project


Flowtech pool is a pool contractor portfolio website with a clean design and easy to understand. The colors are used to give the users a sense of modernity and trust, which is what we want to achieve when clients look at the website. Everyone wants to have full trust in who is going to design and build your pool, better to start displaying that trust with your website.

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Emphasis on the about page


The about page tells a little more about the company and how their service procedure works. Following the heat map, we can see that the about page in most cases is the most clicked and visited page on a website. Therefore we have included more information on the about page to persuade the customer decision and provided them with more trust statements

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A simple contact page with all required information makes the UI very simple and easy to work with for every single one of their visitors. Display their map location, contact information, and a form to further get in touch with them or get a quote for your project.


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