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Transforming FR44 Insurance’s Digital Presence

FR-44 Insurance

Florida FR44 Insurance Agent
Florida Auto Plus Insurance, is a family owned and operated, licensed, independent agency established in 1997. I specialize in helping Florida drivers convicted of a DUI or DWI get their license reinstated as soon as possible.
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Project Information

Client's Purpose

The Goal

Our mission was to reimagine FR44 Insurance’s online platform. The client sought a modern, user-friendly website that would enhance their brand image and effectively communicate the intricacies of FR44 insurance.

Delivering the project


The revamped fr-44.com now stands as a valuable resource for those seeking high-risk auto insurance. By combining informative content with an appealing design, we’ve positioned FR44 Insurance as a trusted industry leader.

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FR4 Insurance Web Design Expected Results


We aimed to educate the visitor by providing clear information about FR-44 Insurance requirements and benefits. Make the website engaging by captivating visitors through animations and compelling visuals. And lastly to convert visitors by encouraging inquiries and quote requests. Susan from Susan Green Copy Writer was responsible for the amazing copy for FR-44

Our approach to this project


Content Strategy
Our team developed engaging content that simplified FR44 insurance concepts. Leveraged real-life scenarios to illustrate the importance of FR44 insurance.
Interactive Elements and Visual Assets
Implemented animations to engage users. Curated high-quality images related to auto insurance, reinforcing trust. Showcased success stories or testimonials from satisfied clients.
Performance Optimization
Ensured fast page load speed for an optimal user experience. Tested across browsers and devices.


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