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Indice Group

Real Estate Investment
Indice Group is a real estate investment company in the US. They offer investors the chance to join them in developing various properties across the country and earn a return on their investment. We are working on this project together with BPMIT Solutions.
indice inversion real estate website design
Project Information

Client's Purpose

The Goal

We created a custom landing page for their website, based on their design and enhanced with our Blue Mountain Web touch. This page will be the hub for their future projects, where users can find all their services in one place on the web. This is an example of our web design for real estate expertise.

Delivering the project


A stunning landing page that showcases their business. A bilingual real estate website that caters to their users in LATAM and America. With a single click, you can switch the language of the website and access the main investing page. This is our real estate web design service in action.

indice inversion real estate website design

A Landing Page for their marketing and client onboarding


A landing page for PPC and marketing is needed and very important to have. This way you are sure your leads stay in one page with all the information. And avoid to loose the lead with unnecesary navigation and loads of information.

Pretty much an extension of their main website page



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