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Taco Baja Republic

A Mexican Restaurant in Miami
Taco Baja Republic is a local family-owned food truck that operates in Miami. They started their small business in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Going against all odds they made it through and their business continues to thrive.
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Project Information

Client's Purpose

The Goal

The goal with their website was to give their clients an option to order food without delivery apps fees, hire them for catering and events, and order from their table without having to make a line. This particular website was developed using Square, not a lot of customization was done due to the platform used.

Delivering the project


The main functionality of this website is the processing of online orders and self-serving orders. Focusing on the most popular menu items, we bring a dynamic slider to the front page so that clients can see what's trending among other customers right now and easily order from there.

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A form to get hired for catering events


The owner wanted a way for customers to hire them for catering events that would replace the traditional way they did it. We simply created a booking form but without the booking functionality to fulfill this request. Now clients can send a request with the event information and get a response from the restaurant within a few hours. It solved the problem of long meetings and calls to find information about the event.

Full menu


A full menu that will allow clients to have their orders ready when they get to the restaurant. It also includes a self-serving functionality where they can order food from their table and it will be brought to them. The menu is separated into categories and is fully responsive for mobile.



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